Hi y'all!

Meet three girls: Ema, Tina and Rafaela and the project nham nham! - a fruit of their dreams and friendship.

Ema is a Portuguese gallerist, curator, art dealer and an eternal dreamer. Ema usually says: "You go girl, you can do it!". 

Tina is as special as the worlds and creatures she creates. She's a Polish graphic designer and mostly an amazing illustrator. "nhamnhamnhamnhamnham" is Tina thinking out loud, imagine that!

Rafaela studied design first and then chose illustration for her master's degree. She has a lot of patience but "She is hungry. She is always hungry!" Ahahah!

nham nham! it's an explosive mix of illustration and gastronomy, a combination of what we love to do most - draw, cook and eat, of course!

Our goal is to illustrate recipes you love and personalize your kitchen. We want to illustrate your special events as well as create collections of original and exclusive kitchenware for very important and dear people - YOU!

To create the first collection we've invited 4 incredible illustrators. Apart from that, we have also been working with many other talented people on our parallel products such as prints, postcards and calendars.

We have a fantastic web of collaborators from all around the world: Spain, Poland, France, Germany. We are working with chefs and professionals in different areas: the wonderful Filipa and Leonor Pinto Basto who gave a new life to this traditional textile store from 1905's, Armazém dos Linhos , also the talented seamstress Cláudia Almeida from our city, the amazing Joana Paradinha that was  responsible for the perfect silkscreened fabrics among many others. Our project is about inviting people to collaborate with us by doing things they love to do!

We accept challenges and proposals to personalize your kitchenware and to create items for special events: weddings, birthdays, theme parties and whatever is the occasion! If you want it, we've got it!

We hope you like our work as much as we enjoy doing it!